16 end user domain name sales up to $127,000

16 end user domain name sales up to $127,000

Two Australian companies, several tech businesses and a private equity firm bought domain names last week.

It was a lively and interesting week for end user domain name sales with a six-figure domain sale, Mappa.com, topping the list. There were three more 5-figure sales that I could identify, including the three-letter domain IAW.com and a new gTLD name, King.online.  Several names seem to be for new marketing campaigns such as HoldItHigh.com, a slogan for the J.P. Wiser whisky brand.

Let’s get to the list:

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Mappa.com $127,400 – Frank Schilling’s Name Administration was the seller. The domain has Whois privacy so it’s not clear who bought it but it’s clearly an end user at this price. Two possibilities are a Japanese animation studio called Mappa Co that uses the domain name Mappa.co.jp or this backpack maker.

Fasting.com $50,000 – L-Nutra is a nutrition company that promotes fasting and sells products to help with fasting diets.

IAW.com $20,501- Features a nearly blank page with the message “I am Warren.” and “This domain is not for sale.” Not sure who Warren is but it will be interesting to see what he makes of this valuable 3-Letter .com.

King.online $17,250 – This one word generic forwards to KingLiving.com, an Australian high-end furniture designer that also has storefronts in Asia.

HoldItHigh.com $9,800 – Redirects to the J.P. Wiser whisky website where they prominently feature the tagline “Hold It High”, making a perfect site for marketing campaigns around this slogan. Right now they’re doing an online “toast” where you can send a friend a toast or personal dedication through your social media feeds.

Ecovest.com $9,000 – Purchased by Solon Advertising & Marketing, which specializes in the alcoholic beverage industry, so this site might be for one of their clients.

NetChex.com $9,000 – NetChex is an HR solutions provider. This domain is an upgrade from NetChexonline.com.

Pulsar.io $7,500 – This domain was bought by a company called Streamlio, Inc. whose claim is to have developed the first unified real-time solution for the data-driven applications with open-source technologies for messaging, processing, and storage of streaming data in real-time. Whatever that means.

FanPlus.com $6,325 – “FAN +”, as they’re branding themselves, is a new centralized marketplace that connects Australian fans with their sporting clubs, athletes and personalities. Fans can purchase experiences with their favorite teams and players. Cool idea.

JobWay.com $5,000 – This domain forwards to jobway.se (Sweden) for this Swedish headhunting firm.

Digital.biz €4,000 – .Biz names don’t make this list often so it’s great to see to an example like this. Currently, the page is displaying a cryptic message with “GW – Driving Our Future to Innovations with New Web Launch” so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what comes of this site.

TerraChem.com €3,500 – Purchased by Quimicos & Plasticos, S.A., a Caribbean company that distributes raw materials for the coatings, inks, adhesives, plastics, cosmetics, & detergents industries. It’s not clear what they’ll use this site for but there is another company called Terra Chem who uses the .net version of this domain.

SensorGeneration.com $3,500 – Currently this redirects to Tacterion.com, a Munich-based German plastics manufacturer who developed sensorskin™ – a stretchable sensor layer for making curved, soft and complex objects sensitive to touch and pressure. So this site could be a landing page for future campaigns for this technology.

Marima.de €3,000- Forwards to Nuuvera.de which is a German medicinal cannabis startup with a parent company in Canada.

Trickss.com €3,000 – This domain currently resolves to a page that’s under development, but it looks like it might be a site about new tech gadgets.

HighlandStreet.com $2,888 – This site is in development for a mid-market private equity firm focused on fin-tech.

VRPages.com $2,500 – A virtual reality industry directory with listings for different categories of businesses.

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