BrandBucket partnering with Sedo to market names

BrandBucket partnering with Sedo to market names


BrandBucket is now going to be syndicating their inventory on Sedo. According to news in the recent newsletter,

How it works: We are partnering with 3rd Party Marketplaces so sellers can seamlessly publish their domains on multiple platforms. Currently, through your BrandBucket account with one click you can opt-in to have BrandBucket market your names on Sedo on your behalf. BrandBucket makes it easy for the sellers to sync their names on two platforms without having to worry about different sales teams, updating prices on multiple accounts, different name servers etc; we make the process automatic!

We wanted to make it a one-click option for sellers, who choose to participate, get more eye on their names without any extra work. You can find the new feature under the ‘Account’ tab in your BrandBucket account.

The domain aftermarket can be hard for buyers to navigate and trust, especially when the same domain is for sale at multiple websites at differing prices. As Margot Bushnaq, BrandBucket’s Founder and CEO explains: “Since its launch in 2007, one of the primary goals of BrandBucket has been to bring clarity, trust and usability to how great business domain names are bought and sold.  Through our new Expanded Promotion feature we help our sellers get more exposure for their names through a central management platform, but just as importantly we help buyers feel comfortable that regardless of the sales platform they choose they will get the same and best price for the domain.”

We are excited for this new feature and look forward to seeing the outcomes for our sellers!

The commission will still be the same 30% and you will be paid through your BrandBucket dashboard according to a post on Namepros.

At the beginning of the month Keith Deboer published that the auctions that would take place for published domains on Namepros were no longer allowed. You were able to just push a domain after a completed auction but that has been changed to BrandBucket has better control over movement of domain names.

Hi Everyone,

Today BrandBucket gave this message via it’s private, BB sellers network:

We have disabled the field in the sellers back-end that allowed sellers to exchange names between one another. If you’d like to exchange names, all you have to do is email Seller Support at with a screenshot of the conversation so we can verify the transaction. Seller Support will take care of the exchange! Please let us know if you have any questions. And as a reminder, selling published names on another public marketplace or forum is a violation of our seller rules.

In the near future BrandBucket plans to send an email to all BB sellers to remind everyone that selling BB published names outside of BrandBucket (including on NamePros) is a violation of their seller terms of use.

NOTE: This restriction applies only to BB published names. This restriction does NOT apply to domains that have been reviewed/accepted by BB but have not yet published.

Please contact BB or contact me via direct message if you have questions or concerns.

Best, Keith

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