Do You Ever Stop Being a Domainer?

Do You Ever Stop Being a Domainer?

My career path has been… well, weird.

My second book ended up becoming a Wall Street Journal and USA Today besteller, so I’m “obviously” (the operative word) an author.

My YouTube channel is doing better and better (~31,500 subscribers), so I’m a YouTuber as well, just as obviously.

However, in my case, crypto tends to generate more revenue than book sales and YouTube-related stuff, so I am (you’ve guessed it: obviously) a crypto investor.

What about domaining? Well, I’ve been blogging here on DomainingTips since 2009 (!!!), have done quite well over the years and have more friends in domaining than in any other industry. OBVIOUSLY, I’m a domainer 🙂

But do you ever stop being a domainer, deep down inside at least?

I mean at this point, while I still keep my finger on the pulse of the industry, I dedicate far less time to domaining than I used to. I’m not nearly as active on the reseller market, for example. I spend considerably less time blogging and the list could go on and on. But still, whenever someone I know tells me about a new project, my eyes sparkle as I think about the domain possibilities. The same way, even if there are “hotter” places to be right now (crypto, even after the crash), I’m still on a constant lookout for domain bargains. Or when I see people make mistakes in the industry (new gTLDs, hand regging a gazillion worthless names, etc.), my blood boils.

Is domaining an addiction?

Kind of… but not really.

It’s not an addiction in the sense that there’s never room for anything else and it always has to be the focal point of your existence. Not at all. I’ve sometimes dedicated a ton of time to domaining, sometimes a lot less. However, never have I abandoned domaining completely and a lot of those who have been around for a while surely feel the same way. I guess that once you’ve caught the bug, it’s hard to completely rid yourself of it. But here’s the thing: I for one don’t want to.

At the end of the day, we’re living in a crazy but genuinely awesome world. A world where a random dude from Eastern Europe like yours truly can write a book in English and become a bestseller. Or make a name for himself via YouTube videos… once again in English. Or invest in assets our parents/grandparents couldn’t have even imagined would exist, like domains and later on crypto. To put it differently, a world of immense opportunity where you don’t *have* to choose a career path. Where you don’t have to be defined by just one thing. Or two things, or three.

Am I an author? Yes. Am I a YouTuber? Yes. Am I a blogger? Yes. Am I an economist? Yes. Am I an entrepreneur? Yes. Am I crypto investor? Yes. Am I a domain investor? Yes.

Will I ever stop being any of the things listed above?

Maybe… but I hope not 🙂


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