Domain Marketplaces

This is a list of the most popular domain marketplaces where you can buy and sell domain names.

General Marketplaces

  • 1. – The largest chinese marketplace, great for CHIPs and generally short domain names.
  • 2. Afternic – Currently owned by GoDaddy, Afternic is one of the oldest and most popular domain name marketplaces.
  • 3. CAX – It’s been around for a few good years, worth a try…
  • 4. Flippa – Popular marketplace for developers and online investors, Flippa have a few nice domain sales under its belt.
  • 5. FreeMarket – Not sure about this one … have used it only once when they launched. I thought it’ll be the next big thing but they pretty much failed.
  • 6. GoDaddy Auctions – Busy marketplace, plenty of domainers so expect reseller prices!
  • 7. NamePros Marketplace – It’s a domainers forum so expect to get reseller prices rather than closing end user deals.
  • 8. Sedo – One of the oldest and most popular marketplaces.
  • 9. Undeveloped – Beautiful design, fair commission rates, can sell in monthly installments if you forward the names to their nameservers.
  • 10. Uniregistry Market – The new marketplace from . Brokered or self-brokered deals.
  • 11. NameJet Auctions – Great place to auction your names if you’re approved.
  • 12. Ramped – New curated marketplace, accepting just quality domain names. Very slow review time from my experience. Nearly two months one of my names still pending review.
  • 13. Ebay – Not really¬† the perfect place to sell domain names but domains do sell at Ebay!
  • 14. Bido – Hmm … used to be a pretty popular marketplace a few years ago, not so sure now …
  • 15. Lysted – New marketplace, beautiful design and handy features. Worth a try, why not?

Brandable Domain Marketplaces


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