Domaining a collection of echo chambers

Domaining a collection of echo chambers

Many times I have written about how divided the domain industry is, some like to say the industry has to become united again. It never was united.

I see the back and forth with the latest posts by Rick, where some are like you tell em, and others are like aren’t you rich? Nothing better to do. Morgan is telling people they don’t get it, he is leaving out the point that some just don’t care, they need to sell names to other domainers.

Domaining is a collection of echo chambers:


the old time .commers who put down everything that’s not a premium .com domain name. They tend to call all new gtld sales fake, crypto is a fad, emoji’s are idiotic etc…

Now the old time .commers have history on their side, there is no denying that .com has been the most successful extension both in usage and in producing sales for people who buy and sell domain names for a living.

The failures of new gtld registries, premium pricing and a lack of new gtld sales, amplify their message, that they are the one true light in domaining.

New Age Rebels

There are many people who came to domaining over the last 5 years that wanted something new. They believed that .com was old, their grandfather’s extension, and it was time for some new blood.

They have boasted about 1 and 2 and 3 character names they successfully registered. The thought process was these names in .com would cost six and seven figures, so they got a great deal.

Now in most cases that deal requires a significant premium renewal, making it hard to maintain that portfolio brimming with opportunity.

They make mention of every new gtld sighting and every sale as proof that they are the new way to profit and prosperity in domaining.

The specialists

This group has many sub groups, the emoji domainer’s, the idner’s, the country code domainers, even within .com the brandable domainer is really not tied to the old time .commers.

Emoji domain investors see emoji’s as a natural progression for a young and mobile world. Social media star and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk expressed his desire for emoji’s a few years ago.

Yet when we post about emoji domains on, the PremCom’s always rip them, and leave comments of disbelief. A few emoji guys I know always message me after reading these comments, with things like “These ignorant fucks just don’t get it!”

The brandable .com guys believe they are the future of .com trading, they see older domain owners as incompetent when it comes to brandable domains, they see their ROI and lower cost as much more desirable than buying and selling expensive .com domain names.

In a thread titled, “Where have all the good guys gone?” Hookbox said the following:

The old guys don’t know how to answer domain questions in 2018 so they don’t participate. Everyone knows what makes a great domain name and that is the only info that an old domainer can provide. These old guys are clueless to what makes a good domain name that can be handregged today. Anyone would know that,, etc….has value. The majority of new domainers can’t afford those type of names so they go the handreg route which most don’t have the ability or know how to answer those questions correctly.

A perfect example is the brandable market which I know pretty well. When I see the names these old guys own that they think are good brandables just makes me laugh. Huge difference knowing what you’re talking about now compared to 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. They keep their mouth shut because they are clueless.

When I started the .tv subforum on Namepros there was plenty of animosity, it became like turf war everyday. Old time .commers came in and the push back was tremendous, people who came to .tv as their first foray into domaining would pm me, demanding something be done. Now RJ ran Namepros at the time and I pointed out to him that long time veteran Jeff seemed to just be trolling, he could deal with it, or I would, makes little difference.

The bottom line was people were passionate, now at times I believe that passion bordered on becoming cult like. People who wanted to get physical with someone over a low appraisal, members getting other members banned, then the banned member getting a new account and threatening them. It was a truly crazy time. Again there was no unity, pure unadulterated hatred? Yes, there was that.

People like to belong to a tribe, deal with a group of like minded individuals. That can be good but can also be dangerous, you want to hear other opinions, they can help you see something where before you could not see it.

IMO, money has always been the determining factor for most as to why they joined a certain tribe.

I know that a lot of people came to the .tv subforum because they did not have or did not want to spend the money it cost for great .com names in 2005.

The made up brandable thing was not really going yet back then, so they wanted an LL or LLL but opted for .tv where they could afford it. Great keywords were available, these keywords would cost a lot in .com.

The BrandBucket generation was born out of a lack of wanting to spend $50,000 on an or premium one word .com. Reg it for $8, sell it for $2,400 rinse and repeat. Michael Krell, Margot Bushnaq and several sellers have done very well with this strategy.

.TV investors were best prepared to understand the new gtld game, because prior to the new gtld’s it was .tv that only dealt with premium pricing and renewals. Many found success, the one’s that participated in the community, who read, shared, and knew they did not know everything. Several members who came to domaining with little money and no premium .coms made good to great money.

The game has changed however with more options. Someone who I knew from .tv said to me they didn’t understand why they could not replicate their .tv success with some new gtld’s.

I feel it’s because back when we were doing what we were doing in .tv, it was a solid alternative option.  There was not 500 options, if you came to .tv you were not tied to .com. Someone was not going to make an offer wanting a niche like a .tv and then move on to a .name or .aero.

Today there are so many options that it’s much harder, there will always be outliers but the seller does not have great leverage.

If you don’t want someone’s $2,000 for your .photo that buyer might move to .pics or .photography. Maybe even a .media or .video.

The great thing about domaining is you can do it anywhere in the world, you need no one else to succeed but yourself. Read, crunch data and then read some more. Never put 100% of your portfolio in someone else’s philosophy. Make sure it’s your philosophy, stick to a budget and always have a safety net.

Just about everyone has an agenda no matter how much they tell you they don’t, and they probably won’t be there to help you if you go broke.

Be smart, be data driven, be you



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