Domains wanted threads – the new definition of insanity

Domains wanted threads – the new definition of insanity

Domains Wanted Threads

On Namepros nothing sparks more anger, debate and disgust than the domains wanted threads on Namepros.

It comes from both sides of the aisle, actually three sides, buyers who post threads, sellers who respond and then those that don’t participate, but rather sit back and laugh and also block people because their budget or request has offended them so much.

Selling on a domain forum is tricky, for the most part everyone has some knowledge about domains, and if they don’t, they can research right there on the same forum.

Sometimes others will pm them to let them know they are overpaying or selling too cheaply.

There is a bit of cognitive dissonance in the domains wanted section. Someone will post they have a $50 budget but are looking for really good names and might increase their budget to $100 for a great name.

What?????????? Look it’s fine to operate at whatever level of the socioeconomic landscape you like, but you have to have some consistent thought.

Some people like to buy garbage and they can turn it into something more. People love flea markets and some love walking the beach with a metal detector. Someone might get lucky and find a Picasso at a flea market, but they don’t go out setting those parameters as a requirement.

Either you are looking to buy a quality domain name or you are not, if you are, you need to have a better budget.

Some people go out of their way to say I am looking for wholesale prices? In one respect that makes sense, you are looking to resell. But as some members constantly point out, you might have a false definition of wholesale pricing. What exactly is $50 the wholesale price for? Rick Schwartz would probably say “Pigeon Shit” most domain investors think $50 is not worth their time to even respond to you.

On the flip side there are people looking to get lucky, maybe someone will have something they really like for just $50, because they got renewal dates coming up, or they just don’t fancy the name anymore.

As XYNames wrote here in a thread that questioned if there were any good names on Namepros?

I haven’t tried to sell anything on here. First of all, we are all resellers here, so obviously anyone buying here needs to buy so that he may re-sell for a lot more. I respect that, but I’m not selling wholesale, but even if I were selling wholesale, I feel like people here are trying to buy for well below wholesale.

And then…these offers to buy (n):stop: posted on here, such as for example offering to pay 2% of estibot which estibot is notorious for underpricing domains in the first place. So someone is offering to pay just 2% of an already very low appraisal? I could post a sarcastic comment on almost every single Want to Buy (WTB) thread on here clowning the buyer, I mean, Are you kidding? but then it’s not my place to comment on something if I’m not interested in participating in the offer anyway. But still I shake my head when I see what sort of “offers to buy” are posted on here, I hope I’d never sell any of my inventory that cheap. I assume that the sellers who do PM the buyers are offering some garbage that is not even worth the minuscule ridiculously low offers that the buyers are offering to pay – I doubt too many sales are concluded. More like, the namepros buyers are trying to trick the namepros sellers, and the namepros sellers are trying to trick the namepros buyers, and nothing gets done.

I have read threads where the person was looking to buy a first name and a common one, not some goofy spelling as they put it, and they had a $200 budget. With the popularity of marijuana threads on Namepros, some might wonder if some posters are high?

You see the looking for one word .com, must be a real word, none of that made up bullshit, budget up to $500, must be really good, don’t assume I will pay $500 just any name. Sometimes people give examples like purple, orange, project, etc…

For just any one common word .com, a whole $500? Gee golly willikers mister, thanks a lot.

Then we flip the script to the sellers, who seem to think when someone posts $15,000 budget, looking for one word .coms, only .com. It’s cool to send .nets or .io or .co, because .co is shorter than .com bro.

There are 100’s of replies which means you have to be insane to wade through this on a daily basis.

Some get upset when they don’t get a reply, but here is the tricky thing with replies.

A hypothetical example:

Buyer: Looking for color $500 budget

Seller: $500

Buyer: Thanks for the submission, but I am going to pass.

Seller: Why? Why? Are you telling me chartreuse is not a color bro? Because it is. Have you never seen a pelican?

Buyer: Well to be honest I have never seen a pelican in person but I do know what it is, thanks. P.S. I know chartreuse is a color.

Seller: Well hey why I got you, do you buy any .io domains because I got a couple killer .ios bro.

Buyer: Yeah you didn’t have me, I made the mistake of replying back to a domains wanted submission.

I have had people say to me they want to name and shame all those that have sent them off requirement submissions, kind of like a Hall of Shame for domains wanted.

Others report submissions as spam and depending on the situation I believe Namepros will issue warnings which can lead to an account suspension if you accumulate enough points.

There is no perfect solution, I read a thread on Namepros today where one gentleman wants Namepros mods to authenticate buyers.

Let the buyers with zero feedback first prove their authenticated identity with NamePros management with their proof of ID cards.

Namepros is free, that ain’t ever happening, if you don’t like what’s on one channel, change the channel. But there is no perfect fix, I understand that poster’s frustration, I have often tweeted out that domains wanted makes for some of the greatest comedy on the net.

There are some serious buyers, Brad Mugford, Vito at Media Branding, L2 Media, just to name a few. I can confirm these people buy names, have real budgets and purchase names.

The domains wanted stew is composed of some real buyers willing to pay fair prices for the names submitted, some sellers who pay attention to the requirements and only send those. Then the majority is buyers looking to get lucky that some noob does not know what they own and sellers who use it as free scratch off game sending every name they own at every thread, usually priced at the high point of the budget.

I do think what some don’t realize is that they are affecting their overall rep in the community, which can be important when starting out especially, people are blocking, ignoring, basically shunning those that start ridiculous requests with ridiculous budgets. It’s not worth it in my opinion, but that’s for each person to decide.

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