Exchanging a .COM for a .IO Digital Presence

Exchanging a .COM for a .IO Digital Presence

From Slither.io to Clothes.io to CodePen.io to a growing list of personal and company brands, .io domains have become the darling domain of tech startups and domain investors.

The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for .io was originally assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory before tech world dubbed it “input/output” domain for the next great tech idea.

There have been and are many tech startups using a .io domain to brand their digital presence.

I recently interviewed one such startup’s co-founder, Ryan Evans — a long-time serial entrepreneur and co-founder of a web analytics startup named Tend.io.

In my latest podcast episode, Ryan and I discuss the the following aspects and impact of building a .io digital presence:

  • His early dabbling with investing in keyword and exact match domains
  • The various ventures that lead to starting Tend
  • Why Tend choose to use .io versus .com
  • How Tend.io was a “steal-of-a-deal” purchase

So, press play and listen to Ryan share his journey about how Tend.io helps companies find more qualified customers.  Thanks and that’s all for now!


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