could become the top .LY sale of 2018 could become the top .LY sale of 2018

First Place

I’m not used to seeing .ly domains top a domain auction list, but this is one of those weeks. is currently sitting at $2,050 at with a week to go, which means the price is likely to go quite a bit higher. Of course, four and five figure offers for .LY names isn’t unheard of, and the highest reported .LY sale, (in 2011) hit $100,000.

That being said, the highest reported .LY sale so far this year is at $5,000 so could very easily move into the number one spot a week from now. There is a company called Fastly which owns, which means there is a chance the price is being driven higher by one specific buyer.

It just so happens that Fastly has raised close to $220M according to Crunchbase which means if they really want to buy this name, they can very likely get it at a price that’s pretty darn affordable for them. That being said, if it’s not Fastly, then whoever ends up with this domain could be sitting on a UDRP timebomb waiting to go off. A $219M company can also afford to throw the book at you if they think you’re squatting on their real estate.

What do you think? Will become the #1 .LY sale of 2018? Is the .COM owner in the auction?

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