Hiring a broker to buy you a domain

Hiring a broker to buy you a domain

Today: Buying Single Word ngTLD Domains (E.g., word.whatever) / GESO.com sold for $5,100 / Bed.tv Sold For $2,500 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

The best bulk pack of names you can sell for $100 – Do you have a lot of domains in your portfolio you want to liquidate for $100? Check out this buyers criteria to see if you can make some quick cash.

Jamie.com – Check out what I saw over in the top domains section today. What do you think?

Wordscaper.com – This one is interesting. It rolls off the tongue easily and has target market potential. What do you think wordscraper.com should be appraised for?

Buying Single Word ngTLD Domains (E.g., word.whatever) – Be sure to double check your portfolio for one of these domains. This buyer has up to a $50.00 budget for a quick sale if the domain meets their criteria.

Bed.tv Sold For $2,500 – Wow! Another .tv ccTLD sales report for an easy four digits. .tv seems to be pumping away week after week and holding their value.

GESO.com sold for $5,100 – There’s nothing like a mid-five digit pronounceable four letter .com sales report to get you motivated in the morning with your coffee.

Hiring a broker to buy you a domain – Have you ever hired a broker to seek out and negotiate for a domain you wanted? What was your experience like? Did it make it hard to get a good deal because the seller knew that if a broker was involved, that the buyer probably has a bigger budget?

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