How to utilize a traffic domain better

How to utilize a traffic domain better

Today: Do you trust the major auction websites? / Platform for outbounders and brokers / sold for $6,050 / And more!

Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today:

Buying 2 character domains in io or co – If you have a two-character .io or .co ccTLD in your portfolio and want to liquidate for some fast cash, this buyer has a budget of up to $500.00 each that fit their specified criteria.

.cool – cool or not cool? – Are you investing in .cool new gTLD’s? Check out what some people are saying about the .cool extension and share some of your experience. goes for $9,999 – BAM! Another .app domain sales report for just under $10,000.00. How much do you think it should have sold for? sold for $6,050 – Interesting brandable. Looks like there is already a business with that brand in the search index. Do you think they bought it?

Platform for outbounders and brokers – What do you think about this idea? Is it a little extreme, not enough structure, or would it work?

Do you trust the major auction websites? – It seems that there is some mixed feelings when it comes to big auction houses. What side of the debate do you fall on? Cast your vote.

How to utilize a traffic domain better – Have you been trying the same thing over and over with-out seeing better results? Check out this topic where other investors are sharing ideas on how to change that for you.

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