One new domain investor’s journey from $50 to $5,000 a month

One new domain investor’s journey from $50 to $5,000 a month

An Indian domainer Rohit Goyal from Namepros detailed his two year journey in domaining. It’s a very clear look at all the ups and downs he faced over 2 years. From wanting to start out with $0 to getting his NameJet account suspended, to $5,000 a month in outbound sales.

It’s a good read for anyone new to the industry and also worthwhile for an old timer to see what the new, minimum bankrolled rookies are doing.

From the post:

Couple of pointers which i wish to highlight which i learned during these last 2 years:-

1. Its better to have $100 in pocket right now rather than visualizing to have $1000 somewhere in the unforeseen future.

2. The only rule in domaining is that there are no thumb rule. Different strategy and different niche work for different people.

3. Do not blindly run after screenshot or reported sales as a lot goes behind the picture.

4. Yes one can make good money in domaining however one can loose money easily as well.

5. Have a mentor in domaining , it helps a lot. However there are no free lunch in the world , if someone teaches and guides you than you have to give something in return either in terms of money or friendship or some other way.

6. Domaining is just like any other business and requires same amount of hard work , luck , talent and investment. It is not a get rich scheme.

7. Unfortunately luck is a very important factor in domaining as you never know when or how sale would happen. You may have sale for the domain you least expected and may not ever sale a domain which you were sure of selling.

8. Domaining is not suggested as a full time profession. It should never be your only source of income at-least in the initial stage.

9. Yes we do need huge investment to survive in domaining in today’s time however with hard work and dedication , one can achieve success with minimal investment as well.

10. Domaining courses and events are good for nothing , they just show you rosy picture. Though networking and building connection with right set of people is very important to survive and succeed in domaining.

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