Should domaining do away with the ridiculous?

Should domaining do away with the ridiculous?

Should the domain industry allow for the ridiculous, names being listed for sale at prices that border on the absurd?

This has long been the forte of an Ebay, but what about a Sedo or Namepros?

There was a thread on Namepros about whether the rules should be changed?

Imadoer posted:

How many times have you clicked on a domain for sale and seen that the person is asking a million dollars or more for a reg fee name? Is anyone tired of the waste of space??? I know we are all dreamers but to post something on a reseller forum for sale with really absurd prices shouldnt be allowed,

Thoughts and opinions appreciated

Not allowing for things like for just $7.5 million.

That thread above has been bumped over 150 times, running since the end of 2017.

Interestingly some people think these threads are highly amusing and one commenter said it made them feel better about themselves. Kind of like how people who watched Jerry Springer said it made them feel better about their own lives in comparison to what they were watching.

Sedo has some interesting prices as well, can I interest you in Clothing.Futbol for just 16,777,215 GBP? How about at 16,777,215 USD I mean it is a .com.

So does crazy pricing make the industry as a whole look ridiculous or just the few brave enough to ask for the real big money?




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