The incredible story of

The incredible story of

Dot Tv

As we all know timing is everything, luck isn’t too bad either. I have always said domainers underestimate how much luck plays into things. And no I don’t mean you make your own luck, I mean you got lucky, like hitting a winning lottery ticket, nothing about your breeding, your work ethic, just luck, some disguise it by telling the world they hit a triple when they were born on third base. is one such story of luck, good for one registrant and bad for another.

So was registered in 2003 and had one registrant out of Switzerland for 14 years.

They initially gave up on the name, let it expire. They might have been paying a premium that was substantial all those years, the new rules for .tv came into play in 2010.

So now there is a post on Namepros a domainer who thought GoDaddy stole their name. This seems impossible because is a premium name and GoDaddy does not offer premium .tv registrations.

After a bunch of posts, Rob Monster of Epik enters the thread explains that it was a premium, and that the thread starter now owns the domain name at Epik, who does offer premium .tv registrations.

Then on Sunday, Rob posted:

We have a confirmed buyer for How.TV closing at $75,000 *. For those who are new to the story, this was a new hand registration on Friday. The transaction is currently in escrow at Epik. Congratulations in advance to the registrant for some outrageous ROI. Love that. I hope the registrant consolidates all their domains at Epik so we can keep closing big exits for them for many years to come.

* Note: Traditionally, Epik does not disclose customer domain sales. This is in line with our positioning as the Swiss Bank of Domains. However, because this is such a “David vs. Goliath” story, it had to be shared. The Domaining industry is alive and well. I think the key in this sale negotiation was that instead of saying “make offer”, the prospects were invited to either (1) lease the domain, or (2) pay the full asking price. The buyer choose option 2.

That is one hell of a sale if it goes through.

*We have not verified the sale and are only reporting on public information made on Namepros.

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