The new Domain Magazine Daily Sales & Auction Analysis Series

The new Domain Magazine Daily Sales & Auction Analysis Series

Daily Sales analysis and Auction Recommendation series

First of all I would want to apologize for all our readers for not having any content for a while.  I have been away for a while because I dived into the world of cryptocurrencies , Blockchain  and also enjoying some holidays . But now that I am back I was faced again by the question of what quality content can I put up daily in order to provide maximum value to our readers. The competition for your attention is tremendously high because  there are so many other Domaining Blogs and some of them are well established as well.  Scrutinizing some ideas I finally came to a conclusion.

I personally think that there isn’t anyone doing a thing or two on analyzing the domain names that were sold daily and why did they sell for that amount. Hence, starting today we would be sharing some of the domains that sold the previous day and some analysis of the prices that they fetched. We aim to strengthen yours as well as my reasoning towards picking a clear winner in the domain names.

Apart from this , we will also be sharing some of the domains that we find valuable and are also ending on Auctions that day . We will try to cover domains from Dynadot , , Dropcatch , Namejet and GoDaddy.  The list would strictly be based on quality of domains . If at all we would promote my own domains or domains of my known domainers or domain auction on special requests we would ensure to put a full disclaimer.


Domain Magazine is always willing to take opinions and suggestions from our readers and constantly trying to improve . Hence let us know in comments below if you have any suggestions.  We would also encourage our readers to comment their views on sale price of domains .




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