Welcome to DN Aggregator!

Welcome to DN Aggregator!

Hi everyone and welcome to DN Aggregator !

My name is Marius and I have been pretty much involved in domaining on and off since 2005. Most of you might know me from NamePros or the (now defunct) DNForum where I have the username loredan . Over the last 11 -12 years I’m pretty sure that I have closed lots of deals both as a buyer or seller with many of you…

Why DN Aggregator ? – Well, why not ? 🙂 I have created this site mainly as a tool for my own use as I wanted to have access to all the main domaining news and important blogs in one place, in a friendly, easy to use, unclutered way. There are surely lots of other domain news and aggregator websites out there but most are over-filled with hundreds of ads and somehow hard to navigate so I’ve decided to build my own aggregator to keep the things nice and tidy. If this site would help some other folks and people find it useful, well that’s an added bonus!

What should you expect from DN Aggregator? – The site’s main purpose is to (obviously) aggregate the latest news from the best domaining resources out there. All important domaining websites are listed on the homepage and can be easily accessed via the links provided. I am also planning to add secondary pages with links and info towards the most important domain marketplaces, registrars, parking companies, brokers, etc … in the future as time allows. This will build a nice directory of domaining resources which might be useful for any new comers in the industry.

I also hope that I’ll be able to keep the blog pretty much updated with useful blogposts, info and advice from my experience as a domainer.

Please note that DN Aggregator doesn’t charge you anything to list your website here (unlike other sites) so if you have or know of a good website that is not included in our pages, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to list it if it’s good enough and makes sense to be listed. Also if your website is already listed but you would like to remove it, just get in touch and we will get rid of it 🙂

Have fun, happy domaining!




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