WTF Domains volume 1

WTF Domains volume 1

WTF Domain Names

Welcome to the first edition of WTF? Domains. A look at the ridiculous, the funny, the sometimes obscene. Domains that make you go WTF?

Here is the first list of names that have expired that I have been compiling, future posts will be the previous weeks names.

Some of the names were registered for over a decade, some names have a date when they were registered after the name.

(May not be safe for work or children viewing over your shoulder) 05/2009 Would make for one heck of an email address. 05/2009 It’s a softer way then saying “Hi I will pay for sex” 05/2009 Self Deprecating blog. 05/2008 Well now he knows you are not working. Why? Put that in your online dating profile. Don’t put that in your online dating profile. 2008 Coming to a theater near you. 2008 Usage on this one would be interesting, first person or third person perspective? If you say so Need more content than weekly, maybe pic of the day to generate that ad revenue. 2007 A new kind of dating app. 2008 That’s just wrong, ripping off like that. 2009 Is that better than new piss? 2011 just sloppy 2006 Actually liked this one for a comedy blog. 2014 Sounds like some people’s life goals. You need to hit that Amazon wishlist first. Why the z? Doesn’t seem official. That’s not nice. 2008 Better than caught in the zipper. 2002 What was that about you need a short domain name? 2008 I know a few who could use that for a personal email address. Another registrant who won’t give in to the short domain movement. To quote Michael Scott, “that’s what she said!” Who cares? I think they are called condoms. 2009 That was money well spent. 2005 Not as catchy as just do it. Which crack? 2003 This person must be fun at parties. 2008 But we will make fun of Dot Name. A whole organization dedicated to farting. Not a contest any man wants to win. No thank you They might be members of That’s a large fanclub. Take a shower Elliot Silver’s porn back up plan if domaining didn’t work out.



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